Vertigo/sensation of imbalance

Two years ago I went on an 11 day cruise. While on the cruise I suffered no signs of motion sickness or the usual side effects of cruising. My problem began the day I disembarked the cruise and was back on dry land.

For nine months I suffered from:

Rocking sensations


Feeling disoriented


Intolerance to busy supermarkets and shopping centers



My personal experience of all these sensations was as if there was a spirit level in my head and the bubble was not in the middle.

After many visits to my local G.P (Medical Doctor) and trying various forms of medication, none of which gave me any relief, I was then referred to the following specialists. Ear Nose and Throat, Neurologist, Breathing, and having my eyes checked by an Optician. I also had a MRI scan. All of these specialists were unable to find any medical problem and the MRI scan came back normal.

On a visit to the optician I asked if they could recommend anybody in the Botany area that I could talk to with regards to alternative treatment. This is when I was given the contact details of Aaran Church. I phoned Aaran and from our first conversation I felt there was some hope that after 9 months we could get to the bottom of this ongoing problem.

I visited Aaran weekly for approximately three months and received various forms of treatments, including Acupuncture, Massage, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Cupping and also breath work. The results were not immediate but Aaran took the time to explain and teach me various forms of treatment and relaxation exercises that I could carry out at home when the symptoms were persistent.

I followed all his advice and instructions and then one day completely by surprise I realized I no longer suffered from any of the symptoms and they had completely disappeared.

Six weeks ago I went on another cruise and within a day of leaving the ship all the usual symptoms returned. I contacted Aaran immediately and once again have been back to him for treatment which is in the final stages with the usual amazing results.

I possibly would not go on another cruise but should any of these symptoms reoccur I am well informed to deal with them and would not hesitate to contact Aaran.

Glenis C.




New Zealand.

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