Knee pain

I was recommended by a good friend of mine to see Aaran church. I had been experiencing constant knee pain for a period of 6 months following a fall I’d had whilst on a bush walk.

I really did not expect his acupuncture to help as I'd been going to a local physiotherapist who had also been using acupuncture with little improvement.  Aaran was able to explain to me easily what was going on and why my knee pain had not been improving (I had undertaken a ultrasound and there was nothing showing) . He also included some of his Chinese exercise to help the rehabilitation of my knee, I have to say what he shared with me was so helpful.

 I noticed improvements straight away. He treated me holistically rather than just treating the knee locally as there was some other symptoms I had that also needed to be addressed in order to help my knee. Within 4 weeks of Aaran’s care my knee was back to normal. He has not only helped me but at the same time educated me about Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and healing. I am very thankful and would highly recommend Aaran and his services.

John  M.



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New website

New Website Aaran Church

I'm very happy to inform you that I just launched my new website. Not that my old one was bad, but I wanted to change things. I wanted to do things differently and asked for a help from a professional with interesting skills. I wanted to give folks around a different perspective on things and create a new source of information on healing and overall well being. Hope you like this new website as I do and hope you find what is it you come for.