Emotional issues

I had the privilege to have a healing session with Aaran Church through Skype as I am residing in Hungary, Europe.

I had a problem to address – his healing attitude was understanding, helpful very skilful and professional as well. He could approach the issues from many different aspects and used different modalities to change the ways I saw myself in the whole process - and to change my thoughts, feelings and through these the symptoms. After several online sessions I felt like I was released, eased and could find my own solution with his help!

Zsolt Kardos



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New website

New Website Aaran Church

I'm very happy to inform you that I just launched my new website. Not that my old one was bad, but I wanted to change things. I wanted to do things differently and asked for a help from a professional with interesting skills. I wanted to give folks around a different perspective on things and create a new source of information on healing and overall well being. Hope you like this new website as I do and hope you find what is it you come for.