Childhood trauma, chronic pain, fibromyalgia

I have been very fortunate & privileged to have met Aaran Chruch.

From my interactions as a patient of his, I have found the solution to many of my problems & also in terms of my personal healing. I have had a traumatized childhood & a lot of emotional trauma-associated baggage which manifested as physically crippling pain, my life was difficult & I felt like a severely handicapped person without the physical signs of it.

Aaran was able to understand my condition & has been most uniquely successful in treating me for a multitude of issues ranging from Fibromyalgia to numerous traumas of my past. I have been through numerous other treatments & counseling, I was always on the lookout for the next medical practitioner to help relieve me of my pains & aches.

I firmly believe he is able to resolve many people’s questions about why they have poor health or certain medical conditions. I am absolutely amazed at his grasp of the Traditional Chinese Medicine/ Acupressure/ Acupuncture/ EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) & so many other modalities which many of us have never known even existed.

When he explained to me how & why our health is the way it is, I began to gradually understand how the human mind-body connection works. He is a master of his art & a truly gifted practitioner who by virtue of his application of numerous healing techniques has been most commendably successful in treating myself to a point where my sick leave has dropped drastically to very low levels & I am able to actually do a full day’s work with good success & satisfaction; & that was a real struggle previously.

Although he does not have the prefix of Dr before his name I consider him an extremely well qualified practitioner & he has the confident ability & competence to assist true healing for so many people. We are extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to avail of his unique services, due to his wide range of techniques like EFT/NLP/ etc.

What further amazes me is his ability to continuously upscale himself & be able to offer more newer, modern & skilled techniques to his already impressive repertoire.  A truly dedicated healer of mind & body.

I wish him all success & I shall continue to rely on him for his excellent treatment which I am very happy to say has brought about a sea change in terms of a much better quality of life & improved health for myself.

Rustom Kambata




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