Childhood trauma and physical pain

I feel privileged to have met Aaran with his help I feel that I am finally starting to have my life back.

I had learnt as I was growing up that people you should trust where not trustworthy and abuse happened by family members and by my medical GP. As a result I suffer from panic attacks etc  . I was told that if you don't take this medication we cant help you, do this or take that medication and it will fix you. When things really got out of control I started looking for ways to help myself as they were not helping, I was getting worse. I finally tried Acupuncture which Is how I met Aaran.

With Aaran's coaching and showing me that there are many ways to help myself and sharing of youtube channels to watch or books to read that would back up and explain more of what he is teaching me and its not one set way. I have finally got a grip on what it is like to be alive and not hiding at home and I can do things like everyone else. Sometimes things still give me a shake up and remind me how things used to be but I know with what Aaran has taught me things will settle and away I go again. He has taught me EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), he has shared with me the in's and out's of why things happened and how I can help myself. It has taken a while and I had many times of self doubt and wanting to give up because it would be the easiest and the old habits would just kick in again. When things get really out control we would take a trip south to visit Aaran and he is happy for a refresher and would share with me further techniques I would be able to use for myself. He also has offered to follow up with me via skype to help me stay on task and is always available to answer questions, encourage me, and to further share insights and helpful hints.

Thank you Aaran for sharing your wide knowledge and helping me to get my life back on track in time to enjoy my grandchildren.

Linda A.



New Zealand

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New website

New Website Aaran Church

I'm very happy to inform you that I just launched my new website. Not that my old one was bad, but I wanted to change things. I wanted to do things differently and asked for a help from a professional with interesting skills. I wanted to give folks around a different perspective on things and create a new source of information on healing and overall well being. Hope you like this new website as I do and hope you find what is it you come for.