Childhood trauma

I have known Aaran Church since 2000, we met at Wellpark Collage of Natural therapies and were both studding at the same time,  I was one of his clients for his clinical studies in his final year, where his Chinese Medicine Doctor observed he was often the best in the class in several subjects.

After completing his studies he spent several years working in a hospital in China under experienced medical doctors.  An important approach of Chinese medicine and natural healing is to treat the body as a whole, looking at the mind, body and emotions.   Much of the training focuses on this aspect.

Several years ago he discovered Emotional Freedom Technique, and Matrix Reimprinitng and formally trained in them both.  He introduced me to them 3 years ago, and over that time he has given me many treatments on Skype, and been coaching me in learning the techniques,  I have been so impressed by his work, that I have just enrolled in the training myself, which I will be doing at the end of March.

Aaran's treatments have helped me immensely; one treatment helped me shift a traumatic experience and memory in an hour.  Over the last few years his coaching and treatments have been really helping me transform my life.

I am a Naturopathic Iridologist, working in a well renounced 5* spa for the last 5 years in UK, They offer EFT treatments, and as soon as I told my manager  I was training she was totally excited that I will soon be able to offer treatments for the spa as well.

I am also currently writing a book, on Ayurveda, Cancer, and Naturopathic treatments, and addressing the mind body connection, using psyscioneuroimmunoendocrinology.  Physico Neuro Immune Endocrinology, (looking at interconnections between the mind, body, immune system and hormonal system). The study of EFT focuses primarily on this aspect and subtle energetic pathways that become disrupted when dealing with emotional trauma and pain.  It is a safe, non invasive technique that works on Chinese medicine meridian pathways to remove energetic blocks, and is endorsed by many top Medical Doctors and Naturopathic practitioners, including Deepak Chopra M.D, Bruce Lipton, PhD, and author of several books including Biology of Belief and The Honeymoon Effect.

In the UK, leading practitioners in Neuro Linguistic Programming and hypnotherapy incorporate EFT when coaching TV presenters, competitive dancers, and sport contestants with profound effects, increasing stamina, perseverance and confidence.   It is very much on the increase due to its easy application, cost effectiveness and profound results.

As a modality incorporated to an already qualified TCM practitioner it adds a wonderful arrow, to the bow, and is a safe effective treatment, that doesn't take away from any treatments approach, but rather enhances them. 

I would be totally lost without Aaran’s help, his work inspires me, and I would recommend him to any of my clients with confidence.

Jamuna Haim.  
N.D. Bhsc (complementary medicine) Dip Herb Med.



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New Website Aaran Church

I'm very happy to inform you that I just launched my new website. Not that my old one was bad, but I wanted to change things. I wanted to do things differently and asked for a help from a professional with interesting skills. I wanted to give folks around a different perspective on things and create a new source of information on healing and overall well being. Hope you like this new website as I do and hope you find what is it you come for.