Cancer care and convalescence

 I have known Aaran 8 years now and regularly gone to him for treatment. He is always professional and his vast knowledge of acupuncture and other treatments he provides has always resulted in a good outcome.

My knee was due to be operated on and I went to Aaran, after acupuncture and exercises etc , the pain went away and I no longer needed surgery.

Aaran’s great understanding of the body’s own innate healing presence and the healing power of the mind and human spirit has assisted me in my journey of recovery to a totally healthy body and great functioning immune system.

With regard to my lymphoma (blood cancer) as I have just mentioned Aaran helped me with my journey to recovery with his treatments. When undergoing radiation and chemotherapy the body is under huge amounts of stress and needs help and assistance to function well.

Our bodies respond to positivity and acupuncture helps our bodies heal by re-directing the flow of energy. Scientific evidence proves that acupuncture has measurable biological benefits. It acts as a natural pain relief due to brain chemicals being released such as endorphin's. It strengthens the immune system and strengthens the energy channels according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that are weak.

I found I had fewer side effects than I did before I had treatment from Aaran. His treatments greatly improved my recovery. It also helped with the reduction of inflammation, depression and emotional issues, no side effects experienced.

Jan Walker



New Zealand


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