Knee pain

I was recommended by a good friend of mine to see Aaran church. I had been experiencing constant knee pain for a period of 6 months following a fall I’d had whilst on a bush walk.

Cancer care and convalescence

Being diagnosed with breast cancer at age 27 came as a complete shock to me and the whole family. I knew chemotherapy was going to be extremely challenging for my general health and well-being. I am a strong believer in complementary therapy and was intrigued to find out more about what was out there. I met Aaran at Dove House 

Claustrophobia fear of enclosed spaces

I came to see Aaran as I had a fear of closed in spaces, My usual tactic was to avoid being in any kind of small room, lift, etc.  I made a decision that I had had enough of this after so many years it was becoming a major problem,

Cancer care and convalescence

With regard to my lymphoma (blood cancer) as I have just mentioned Aaran helped me with my journey to recovery with his treatments. When undergoing radiation and chemotherapy the body is under huge amounts of stress and needs help and assistance to function well. 

Cancer care and convalescence

I highly recommend Aaran Church to anyone who is interested in investigating their health issues physically, mentally and emotionally and for those who desire personal growth.

I absolutely believe in Aaran’s ability as a professional practitioner and healer. He has immense and unique skills and is naturally intuitive and observant. He provides a confidential, safe and supportive environment where he truly listens and treats each person individually, holistically, compassionately and without judgement.

Back pain

lianne Mold  back pain

In December 2014, I Met Aaran Church with Chronic back pain after an injury.  Over the past year on a fortnightly basis, I have been receiving acupuncture and massage treatments.  This also included a wide range of discussions where Aaran would give his advice to me, and I took this on board.  Aaran listens to everything that I had to say, he is kindly spoken and show that he cares when he is speaking to you. 

Childhood trauma and bullying


My name is Diego Serpa. I’m an intermediate school teacher in Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand.

As a child, I was traumatised and bullied, and had a number of unresolved emotional issues.

I found out about Aaran on the Internet. After watching a few videos, and reading a number of articles about EFT and other healing modalities, I thought I would give it a shot. 

Childhood trauma, chronic pain, fibromyalgia

I have been very fortunate & privileged to have met Aaran Chruch.

From my interactions as a patient of his, I have found the solution to many of my problems & also in terms of my personal healing. I have had a traumatized childhood & a lot of emotional trauma-associated baggage which manifested as physically crippling pain, my life was difficult & I felt like a severely handicapped person without the physical signs of it.

Emotional issues

I had the privilege to have a healing session with Aaran Church through Skype as I am residing in Hungary, Europe.

I had a problem to address – his healing attitude was understanding, helpful very skilful and professional as well. He could approach the issues from many different aspects and used different modalities to change the ways I saw myself in the whole process - and to change my thoughts, feelings and through these the symptoms. After several online sessions I felt like I was released, eased and could find my own solution with his help!

Cancer care and convalescence

I am a mother of 3 diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2012. I also have an autoimmune disease called dermatomyositis. Aaran has helped me not only physically, but mentally to deal with the issues these diseases have bought into play.

Cancer care and convalescence

Following traditional treatments for secondary breast cancer I have been attending Hospice for a day or two each week. I meet with various professionals for different types of holistic treatments which have all been extremely helpful.Recently I was referred to Aaran by another professional at Hospice so that I could fully explore the mind-body connection and work on reducing and eliminating pain in my body and in the hope of regaining movement in some joints. 

Vertigo/sensation of imbalance

After many visits to my local G.P (Medical Doctor) and trying various forms of medication, none of which gave me any relief, I was then referred to the following specialists. Ear Nose and Throat, Neurologist, Breathing, and having my eyes checked by an Optician. I also had a MRI scan. All of these specialists were unable to find any medical problem and the MRI scan came back normal.

Childhood trauma and physical pain

I feel privileged to have met Aaran with his help I feel that I am finally starting to have my life back.

I had learnt as I was growing up that people you should trust where not trustworthy and abuse happened by family members and medical GP. As a result I suffer from panic attacks etc  . I was told that if you don't take this medication we cant help you, do this  or take that medication and it will fix you. When things really got out of control I start looking for ways to help myself course they were not helping I was getting worse. I finally tried Acupuncture which Is how I met Aaran.

Sciatica/frozen shoulder

I had a problem with a  jammed sciatic nerve and a frozen shoulder. The pain was so bad that I was having to take painkillers to be able to function normally.

Childhood trauma

I have known Aaran Church since 2000, we met at Wellpark Collage of Natural therapies and were both studding at the same time,  I was one of his clients for his clinical studies in his final year, where his Chinese Medicine Doctor observed he was often the best in the class in several subjects.

Infertility/pregnancy care

When preparing to get pregnant after my marriage I knew I needed help to get my body and mind in optimum health. Aaran is the one to go to for fertility issues, and I have an amazing healthy boy after his treatment.

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