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Multiple Brain Integration Techniques describes the tools developed by Grant Soosalu and Marvin Oka (both from Australia) to help people come to terms with the fact that there are actually three brains in the human body.  Current neuroscience is showing us that both the heart and the gut have the same kinds of neurons in them as does the brain in our heads.  These neurons behave in much the same way as neurons in the head-brain do.  The three brains (heart, gut, and head) communicate using the vagus nerve.

The Brain Integration Techniques (mBIT) are designed to help a person keep all three brains in synch with each other.  One of the goals of the process of mBIT coaching is to help people develop and maintain coherence amongst these three brains.  We are learning that there is a physiological basis for many of our values and emotions,  E-motions ( energy in motion ) The head-brain's Highest Expression is Creativity; the Heart-brain's Highest Expression is Compassion and the Gut-brain's Highest Expression is Courage.

For more information about mBraining go to:  www.mbraining.com 

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Knee pain

I was recommended by a good friend of mine to see Aaran church. I had been experiencing constant knee pain for a period of 6 months following a fall I’d had whilst on a bush walk.

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