Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can be undertaken at the clinic or at your workplace.

Massage therapy helps create peacefulness and calm in your everyday life, helps mental relaxation during stressful times, can counteract the effects of sitting in front of a computer all day, is great for stress relief and improving self esteem.

Employers spending money on massage therapy will reduce staff stress levels and create a more co-operative relaxed work environment.

Work related stress is a serious problem in society today – treat your staff to regular massage therapy and aid productivity and reduce staff sick days!

Aaran already works in a number of businesses providing massage therapy and can provide referees if required.

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Childhood trauma and physical pain

I feel privileged to have met Aaran with his help I feel that I am finally starting to have my life back.

I had learnt as I was growing up that people you should trust where not trustworthy and abuse happened by family members and medical GP. As a result I suffer from panic attacks etc  . I was told that if you don't take this medication we cant help you, do this  or take that medication and it will fix you. When things really got out of control I start looking for ways to help myself course they were not helping I was getting worse. I finally tried Acupuncture which Is how I met Aaran.

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