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Tapping, also known s EFT is a powerful tool for improving your life on multiple levels, mental, emotional and physical.
Faster EFT has been proven to quickly and effectively address a range of issues – from anxiety, chronic pain, addiction and fear, to weight control, stress relief and so much more.

Based on the principles of both ancient acupressure and modern psychology, tapping concentrates on specific energy meridians, while focussing on negative emotions or physical sensations.   Combined with spoken word, tapping helps calm the nervous system to restore the balance of energy in the body and rewire the brain to respond in a healthy way.

Faster EFT can help you do what you need to do to retrieve your balance and feel in control of your day.
This treatment can help you clear your mind of past traumas and help you re-connect with your own body energy system to get you back into harmony and re-balance.

The point of difference with Faster EFT is that Aaran can work with you to deal with your issues but he doesn’t need you to tell him your whole story.   He can help you to make peace and to feel your painful emotions for the last time, using his treatment personalised for your situation.
Aaran will only do as much as you are comfortable with at each treatment.

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Cancer care and convalescence

I am a mother of 3 diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2012. I also have an autoimmune disease called dermatomyositis. Aaran has helped me not only physically, but mentally to deal with the issues these diseases have bought into play.

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