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Several thousand years ago the Chinese discovered a complex system of energy circuits, called meridians and or channels running throughout the body. These pathways are the centrepiece of Traditional Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture.

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom techniques. The premise of EFT is that our bodies have an energy system. Restoring the balance of the energy-meridian system allows the mind-body to resume its natural healing abilities. Rather than using needles, EFT relieves symptoms by gently tapping or rubbing various specific acupuncture points. This tapping balances the meridians on the body in which your energy flows.

EFT is a remarkable healing modality, it is safe, easy to apply and is non invasive.

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Cancer care and convalescence

Being diagnosed with breast cancer at age 27 came as a complete shock to me and the whole family. I knew chemotherapy was going to be extremely challenging for my general health and well-being. I am a strong believer in complementary therapy and was intrigued to find out more about what was out there. I met Aaran at Dove House 

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